The Roots

In order to reap the benefits of a connection to the natural world, we must realise that we are one with nature , our collection will lead you to roots path , find the pieces that belongs to you through everyone you will be closer to your abstract self.


Before 1800's fashion was slow and had high quality of fabrics every piece was made was a master piece itself that held a story behind it's holder and they had their own way of materials and fabrics. after the industrial revolution introduced sewing machines so clothes became cheeper , easier and quicker, and almost all the same.
Fast fashion became common because of cheaper, speedier manufacturing and shipping methods, an increase in consumers' appetite for up to the minute styles, and the increase in consumer specially young people, as trends of clothes made everyone almost look alike and there is less taste in fashion
The pieces lost their quality itself as everyone got the same way of reflecting fashion.

Thats why we've decided to make our own line of clothing ,to slowdown fashion and add our exceptional touch with the silver buttons, to get out of the ordinary style.

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Handcrafted from 100% plant-dyed linen fabric, this multipurpose garment is made by... 

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